Buy a print

Buy any picture from the gallery as a print! Photographs are printed with high quality pigment inks on premium Hahnemühle papers from the product range Digital FineArt. These papers contain no acids and solvents which makes them suitable for long time storage - up to 100 years! without quality loss.
You can choose from a variety of textured papers with matt or glossy finish. Available also in metallic finish!

There is lot of renowned brands on the market with photographic materials. Neither is actually worse than the other. After several tests i have decided to use Hahnemühle products. Their quality meets the highest possible standards regarding archivational possibilities and robustness and their aesthetical value is undoubtable. 

I believe, the combination of my photographs and top class print will bring you the joy and aesthetics you deserve!

Finished works

Few examples, how could the finished print look like in a real apartment ...

Materials for prints

basically I work with six Hahnemühle papers from the Digital FineArt range:

Albrecht Dürer
William Turner,
Photo Rag Bright White
German Etching


Photo Rag Metalic Hahnemühle
Photo Gloss Baryta

If you have ANY individual demand or wish, do not hesitate to contact me directly for individual price offer. I will gladly discuss all the options with you!

Foam boards for mounting

Kapa FIX - 5 and 10mm
Lightweight sandwitch foam board with adhesive layer. Suggested rather for prints up to 40x30cm because of stability.

Forex Classic  - 5 and 10mm
Stable PVC foam board suitable for larger prints.

Card board mats

Colored card board mats 1,4mm thick with dimensions up to 120x80cm. I work mostly with 3 standard colors - white, ivory and black. Do not hesitate to contact me with your specific wish!

Price list

Price of the printna tisku

Hahnemühle paper (except metallic) 190-310g/m2, KAPA Fix of Forex mounting board (based on dimensions of the print), mat.


110 €


110 €


140 €


(the price must be set individually based on a chosen frame)

from 40€

*If the photograph have slightly different format than standard, it will be automatically

**Considering the large amount of options, the price needs to be set  after a discussion with the customer

For prints larger than A2, please contact me for individual pricing.